Artit Ching Duang (Eng Subs)


Aom Phiyada and Nok Sinjai

Title: Artit Ching Duang
English Title: Feuding Suns
Year: 2009
Production Company: Exact Co., LTD
Genre: Revenge/Drama
Number of Episodes: 28

Nok Sinjai as Parnrawee
Aom Phiyada as Rangrong
Nat Tephassadin as Pasakorn
Jakajan Akumsiri as Fahroong

More info available here and here.

Nan Watiya – Yoo Doai Mai Lurah Krai
Zein Fahrenheit – Sing Diow Keu Hua Jai

Teaser 1 (Eng Subs)

Teaser 2 (Eng Subs)

Opening Credits (Eng Subs)

Soft subs will be made available for this lakorn. The subtitles are synced to the videos containing our logo, which are provided below.

Raw Videos
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All Episodes – Zipped

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  1. Dude that’s sexy! You guys are planning to sub this? Lol some of us members at sarNworld were gonna do all of the exact 2009 lakorns. But it’ll be cool to see you guys do this if you need help don’t be afraid to let us know ^__-“,

    Hi Tinah. We are so ready to get started on this already, but it looks like we’ll have to wait yet again. Thanks for offering your help. We’ll definitely ask you first if anything comes up. Good luck with your upcoming projects. ^_^

  2. hi guys,

    glad to know that both of u are going to work on this project!

    don’t wanna say much but only THANKS A LOT for the great and awesome project!

    big fan of u guys *wink*

    ciao =)

    Hey, Nadia. You’re very welcome! – ADC

  3. Thank you for subbing this lakorn thus far! It is coming along great! And I cannot wait for more! 🙂

    How many episoded are there? And who is this guy, Nat Tephassadin? He is such a cutie! Can you give more information about him?

    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  4. Thks for yr work but i have 1 question…previously hardsubbed episodes were provided and now they have been removed and softsubs are available. will the the hardsubbed episodes be available again??

  5. Hello! Thanks a lot, your work is great. I like Aom and would like ask your permission use your sub to translate this lakorn to Russian. If you agree, please, write me to

  6. hi! thanks for your great job! 🙂
    my nickname is YuuMiko, i’m fansubber from Poland
    i’d like traslate this lakorn to polish. can I ust your sub?

  7. why did you guys stop subbing for LPLR? i’ve been waiting forever for the rest of the subs.

  8. I like this lakorn…Aom Phiyada can act in a bad character….good talent…

    Yes, she is quite talented. -ADC

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