Prissana (Eng Subs)

Taan Chai Puth & Prissana

Title: Prissana
Aired: 2000
Production Company: Two in One Co., Ltd.
Genre: Romance
Opening theme: Prissana by Chutima (ปริศนา by ชุติมา)
Alternate opening theme: Fark Rak by Chompoo Fruity (ฝากรัก by ชมพู ฟรุตตี้)
Insert songs:
Hua Hin Sin Mon Rak by Sumeth and The Punk (หัวหินสิ้นมนต์รัก by สุเมธ & เดอะปั๋ง)
Samut Wa Kao Rak by Panadda (สมมุติว่าเขารัก by ปนัดดา เรืองวุฒ)
Buppay Saniwat by Panadda ( บุพเพสันนิวาส by ปนัดดา เรืองวุฒ)
Promlikit by ?? ( พรหมลิขิต by ??)
Poo Pae Rak by Nantida ( ผู้แพ้รัก by นันทิดา)
Koy by Bird ( คอย by เบิร์ด)

Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee as Taan Chai Puthpreecha
Taya Rogers as Prissana
Paul Pattarapon Silapajarn as Praweet
Nadia Nimitwanich as Anong
Jamie Buher as Ratri

Prissana takes place in 1938 in Phra Nakhon, Thailand, during a time when men and women were not equals. Marriage for women meant security, not love. Prissana (Taya) is the youngest daughter of four girls and was the only one raised in America by their uncle. She is outgoing, cheerful, and pretty, but at the same time, she is also headstrong, intelligent, and opinionated. She returns to Thailand after living in America for 12 years and is once again reunited with her family. Prissana, whose name means “mystery, a puzzle/riddle,” causes quite a stir in Thailand with her open, American behavior and refreshing beauty. She catches the attention of a lot of men, including her neighbor and Praweet (Paul), the man her third sister, Anong (Nadia), is in love with. However, she takes no interest in any of them. Instead, she does develop a dislike toward Praweet’s best friend, Taan Chai Puthpreecha (Tik), whom she has never met. She is prejudice towards him because everyone puts him on a pedestal because they think he’s so great and perfect. Taan Chai Puth is amused by her uplifting spirit and intrigued by her prideful demeanor. Over the course of time, both end up having to reevaluate their presumptions of each other as they get to know one another better.

Interesting Information
Prissana is based on the popular and timeless Thai classic novel Prissana, written by W.N. Pramuanmark (ว. ณ ประมวญมารค). The novel is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, with Prissana obviously being modeled after Elizabeth Bennett, while Taan Chai Puthpreecha, to a certain extent, is modeled after Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Prissana has been remade countless times, once as a movie, twice as a lakorn (or TV drama series), and once as a stage play. The movie was produced in 1982, starring Kriengkrai Unhanan and Jarunee Sooksawad. The first lakorn version of Prissana aired in 1987, starring two of the most popular stars at that time, Nok Chatchai Plengpanich and Mew Lalita Panyopas. The second lakorn version aired 13 years later in 2000, starring the very popular actor Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee and Thai-American model/VJ Taya Rogers in her first lakorn series. The stage play of Prissana was adapted into a comedy by some university students in their play-within-a-play storyline titled Chai Klang. It was about a writer who, due to his writer’s block, was asked by his editor to switch into writing romance instead, a genre he clearly hated. He ends up writing a story about a young lady named Prissana and her romance with Taan Chai Puthpreecha. The play switches back and forth between the writer’s depressing life and the romance story he was writing. The play became a huge hit, and Work Point Entertainment later bought the rights to it and reproduced it on professional stage theater, where Sririta Jensen was cast as Prissana and Job Nithi Samutkochorn was cast as Taan Chai Puth. The play, starring Nose Udom Taepanich (as the writer), Benz Pornchita (as the writer’s wife), Sririta Jensen, and Job Nithi, was performed during the week of July 21 to 29, 2007.

Opening Credits

Episode 1.1

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  1. hi anothai and chobbing
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  2. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this!! Thank you both! Much appreciated.

  3. Hi there kim and Kay,

    I’m really sorry for the long wait. My laptop crashed about a month ago and I just recently got it back. We hope to upload new episodes asap, so thank you for watching and supporting us. We both really appreciate it.


  4. Please upload this wonderful lakorn so we could download it. Thankssssss.

  5. lakornlover,

    We’re working on that. Please be patient. Thanks!


  6. You guys are awesome! Thanx so much for taking time to sub this classic lakorn. I’m a fan of Tik but never got down to watching Prissana until you subbed it. I love it! I can’t wait to see the rest and hopefully dl it whenever you ul it so I can add it to my all time fav lakorn.

    Many thanx!


    Hey VANNA1433, you’re welcome. Glad we could help you out. Lol.

  8. hi!!!!juz wanna say tq 4 da great lakorn.i’m juz wandering whre can i get this lakorn with full episodes and subs cz i’ve been really2 crazy about this lakorn.plz….

  9. this lakorn ws really great!!!i’m juz wandering whre can i get this lakorn wth full episodes and subs cz i’ve been really2 crazy about this lakorn.plz…..

  10. Could you please upload this drama in Megaupload or any other site so we could have it. Thanks a million.

  11. I also would like to ask for the full episode with sub of this lakorn. I watch it on youtube and I just love it. Is it possible if you can upload this lakorn on megaupload or sendspace??? Please and thanks alot.

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  14. Pure Princess

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  15. Hi AnoDChlobing!!! I’m watching Prissana right now. Thank you for sharing your addiction with us. Taya Rogers is a beautiful actress. Was this her only lakorn? By age calculation, Taya was 15-16 and Tik was 23 yrs old when they made this lakorn. You can see the age in Taya completing! Was this the producer’s intention to have such a wide age gap? Looking forward to your thoughts!

  16. I like all tik jessadaporn moies, it is very inspiring and he acts very well.I am one of his fans. I hope he is really good man and good ,trusted husbond. I hope he will love his wife till death and may love each other forever.

  17. how i wish I cuold still see you personally .I hope you will have anew movie soon. you are the best actor that I have ever seen.

  18. i love tik very much and love his drama too, hope to watch his new drama

  19. Hi! I just want to say thanks and that I super love your translation. Great subtitles make such a difference in the drama watching experience lol.

  20. Hi, I love this lakorn so much is there any place I can watch this since youtube deleted the videos?

  21. Well I plan to re-upload them again, but I don’t know when yet.

  22. Will you be uploading it again? please upload it again as I am dying to watch it again and again!

  23. i really want to watch it. pls can u upload

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