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Luerd Kattiya (On hold)
Luerd Kattiya

  1. Thanks ka! I love this lakorn.

  2. you are s0 cute..i like your all album

  3. Hi there.. just wondering, are you still continuing on the subbing of Luerd Kattiya? Love the lakorn so much, can’t wait to finish watching all the episodes! thanks! πŸ™‚

    Yes, we still plan to finish LK, but at the moment, we want to get LPLR out of the way first. -ADC

  4. excited for your luerd kattiya. I am just a student so I cannot buy this lakorn’s dvd because it is expensive. Patiently waiting for 6 years to watch again this lakorn with subbed. Thank you for your hard work

  5. please finish subbing Learm Prai lai ruk….
    really love that lakorn..
    i wanted to know what happen next….huhuhu

  6. i really hope you finish Luerd Kattiya… i’ll be waiting

  7. will you be finishing up this drama?

  8. hey there.. is the subbing project for “luerd kattiya” still going on? i really hope to watch the whole series!!


  10. are you going to finish subbing Learm Prai Lai Rak? Please do so I have been waiting over two months for it to be completed…Please ….pretty please would love to finish it

  11. xXTwinkleStar09Xx

    You guys are subbing Luerd Kittiya?! I love that drama!!! It’s also one of the best ones out there. Thank you so much. I am patiently awaiting for it’s completion. =D

  12. Plleeaasse sub Mae Ka Khanom Wan (The Dessert Girl) In eng I was watching it on wishboniko Chanel on YouTube but it got deleted D; and I know it’s an old movie but I was so addicted 😦 and I olny watched it half way on ep 8 ;( please help me and sub in eng i don’t really care how long it will take lol I just fell inlove with that movie D;;;;; so please if you have anytime can you sub it i really don’t care how long you take as long as I finish and get to see an ending lol thanks^-^ ❀

  13. I believe Jasmin and her group has re-uploaded it on their site for download:

  14. Ok Thank you for helping and replying back ^_^

  15. I have been downloading and watching (w/o subs even though I don’t understand thai)
    Tawan Chai Nai Man Mek . I saw the songs have been subbed and was wondering if you planned on subbing the whole drama?
    Ps Thanks for subbing Learm Prai Lai Rak. I loved that drama. Any plans on subbing their new drama together?
    Thanks for all your hard and continuous work. Much appreciated !!

  16. I liked the songs in TCNMM, so I translated them, but I don’t have any plans of subbing the whole lakorn. I might, however, sub certain scenes just for the sake of it. As for Aun and Rita’s new drama, are you referring to the one where they’re like snakes or something? The title escapes me at the moment, but I most likely won’t be subbing it, although Rita looked really pretty in there from the scenes I’ve seen.

  17. Hi…
    thank you for spending your precious time for us! I do really appreciate it πŸ™‚
    may i know what is your next project after Hua Jai Reua Puang?

  18. As of yet, I haven’t decided. However, I was leaning toward an older one since most of the new ones are being covered by other subbers and Viki teams.

  19. Have you thought on continuing luerd kattiya? Sadly I have never been able to finish it as no1 has bothered to continue to sub it.

  20. Yes, we do plan on working on it/finishing it, but at the moment, I’m debating whether to continue it without AnothaiDara or to wait for her until she returns.

  21. I’m so glad to see you guys back and active!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  22. i want to watch luerd kattiya. please 😦

  23. Hello, I can help you guys sub this lakorn, If I have the vdo. Contact me:

  24. Siti Nur Amiera Jeffry

    Please anyone, where can i get the eng subs for Luerd Kattiya?

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