The Letter (Eng Subs)


Title: The Letter
Aired: 2004
Production Company: Sahamongkol Film and  Filmhanza Co., LTD
Genre: Drama/Romance

Ann Thongprasom as Dew
Uttaporn Teemakorn as Ton

Nop Ponchamni – Jod Mai
Ann Thongprasom & Uttaporn Teemakorn – Mai Mee Chai Mai

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  1. Kawaiwhitewolfette

    Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your the best !!

    You’re very welcome! ^_^ – ADC

  2. Thank you for wonderderful subs! I have only just started watching thai movies and dramas. A friend introduced me but I am having such a hard time finding them with english subs.
    Is there any way that we could download this movie? If not, no worries I have enjoyed watching it on your u-tube channel.
    Again thank you so much for feeding the addicition. LOL

    Hi Claudia. You’re welcome. We’ll work on that link. Check back soon. – ADC

  3. I had just finished to watch this movie. It’s so touching! I like it tooooo much. I can understand Thai, but I want my friend get the chance to watch it too. By the way, thanks a lot for your subs…

  4. Hi you two!

    Oh, I remember this movie! It was friggin’ awesome! Thanks for subbing this movie. I’ve been looking for it with English subs. I remember watching this drama and crying the heck out with my sister and cousins walking in on me and laughing their butts off. Anyway, thanks!

  5. Wow! thanks for subbing! i had watch this last year without subs and i liked it. Much better now with subs. Thanks again! 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for your subs…
    I’m from Taiwan…
    and I set up a Ann Thongprasom’s chinese website
    we want to sub this movie into chinese according your Eng sub.
    Could we use your Eng sub?
    anyways…thanks a lot for your subs!!!

  7. Wow~ It’s pretty amazing, I’m from Vietnam and really want to translate into Vietnamese for the Vietnamese. So do you mind if I use you eng sub? It’s so kind of you if you send me the soft-sub, thanks a lot

  8. Hi! Do you have translation for the song??

  9. OMG!!! This is so great. I have been looking for eng subs for this forever. There’s a lady friend I have who would love to have this for her dvd that has no english subs. It would also get me closer to her as well. 🙂

    Do you have them available in a format I could use, like the common .srt format? That way I can rip her dvd and merge them together for her. I can’t say how much this would mean to me. Please let me know.

    Best regards…

  10. Is it possible for me to get a separate file of the English fan subs?
    Please say “Yes! Yes! 1,000 times YES!”
    Please email me about it.
    Thank you.

  11. Hey Ann,
    I would like to say I like you since you were started your life in the movies star.
    I want to see your new video with Ken. Both of you are very good looking…

  12. Thank you so much for providing the English subtitles to “The Letter” and the post to YouTube. ขอบคุณมากๆนะครับ. I LOVE Thai movies/music videos, but it’s SO hard to find either in the USA with English subtitles. Keep up the fantastic work!

  13. I can’t download the subtitle. Can you send me the link? I really want to watch the movie. Thanks.

  14. I would like to have the English sub if possible, please!!!!!

  15. Where are the DL links? Really wanna watch this! Please!!!

  16. The links have been removed due to copyright. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans of reuploading the links at this moment, sorry.

  17. Hi how do I watch the video?

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