Learm Prai Lai Rak (Eng Sub)

Title: Learm Prai Lai Rak
English Title: Love’s Radiance
Year: 2010
Production Company: Broadcast Thai Television, Ltd.
Genre: Revenge/Drama/Mystery
Number of Episodes: 16

Ronnadet – Sen Kanaan Tee Rak Gan [Opening Theme]
Air Kanittika – Kae Mee Tur Karng Gaai [Closing Theme]
Jaja – Rak Ter Tung Mod Kong Hua Jai

“Aun” Wittaya Wasukraipaisan as Sanyakorn Rungsarith
“Rita” Sririta Jensen as “Nikki” Yanin Jakrawut
“Meaw” Chamaipon Jatruput as Nimmarn Jakrawut
Dilok Thongwattana as Kampanat Rungsarith
“Beam” Saranyu Prachakrit as Rerngrita Jakrawut
“Jaja” Primrata Dejudom as Rungseema Kuchakorn
“Jenny” Jensuda Panto as Paengrum
“Oat” Worawut Niyomsap as Bunlue Rungsarith
“Tae” Pitisak Yaowananon as Raywat
“Noon” Daran Boonyasak as Korranee Rungsarith
Sumet Ongard as Neungnit Jakrawut
“Ae” Pisin Reungwut as Tom
Gaan Arunreungsawat as Thoy
“Dear” Lily Mcgrath as Dear
Anuwan Prinyanon as Gaubua
“Non” Pusit Suriyawong as Dome

For most people, love is something fragrant, sweet, and pleasant; a source of strength that provides the will to live on. But for others, the love that comes into their lives is just a shiny shadow which appears beautiful and alluring. However, trying to capture it could be a mistake that will draw one into a whirlpool of darkness. An inescapable mistake in which innocent bystanders would end up getting dragged down as well.

In the midst of the war between two prominent families, the Rungsariths and the Jakrawuts, a mystery that occurs one night in a luxury condo, with death as its clue, leads a young man and a young woman, who are as different as night and day, to take a path neither had ever imagined taking. These two young people are Yanin Jakrawut (Rita Jensen), the sole heiress to the Jakrawut family, a fearless half-American/half-Thai who has never allowed rules to constrict her life, and Sanyakorn Rungsarith (Aun Wittaya), a young man who was raised under a strict code of conduct and who has always taken the clear-cut path in life.

But in order to escape the whirlpool’s strong currents that had already claimed many others, the couple held onto and relied on each other to solve the mystery surrounding them…not realizing that their journey would bring to light the dark secrets hiding within everyone’s heart.


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  1. Thank you for subtitle ( soft ), I love it;)

  2. Thank you so much for the subs and download link, I love to save the lakorns and watch it with better quality…

  3. thanks for sharing… love that you two are subbing thai lakorns.. please please upload more when you guys have the time …thanks again..

  4. Wow, thanks a lot!

  5. OMG! i LOVE this movie! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! When will you guys be done subbing this movie?? I am going crazy here, checking up on this movie everyday for subs..

  6. Thanks a lot for subbing this lakorn. I love it very much and love your sub.
    Also thanks for the download link. Please keep it up!

  7. Thank you for subbing this drama, please move on

  8. I move this lakorn. thanks for the good job. Please, keep on.

  9. when will you finish subbing this lakorn… its been a while i hope everything is going fine… can you give us a feed back on whats going on or atlest let everyone know when are you going to sub more… please…

    We’re sorry for taking so long with LPLR. It may not seem like it, but we are working hard on it. Please bear with us. Thank you. -ADC

  10. I’m loving the series so far and can’t wait for your finished project. Thanks plenty for your posted vids

    You’re welcome. We’re taking longer than expected to finish, but rest assured, we’re still working on it. -ADC

  11. do you still work on this project ?

    Yes, we still plan to finish this project. We are busy working on it at the moment. -ADC

  12. Thank you for the raw video and soft sub. I converted on a DVD and the subtitle I could turn off and on. A great way to learn Thai. Thank you once again!!!

    I do that, too. 🙂 -Chobling

  13. are you planning on continuing to sub the rest of the series for download? 😀 I’m looking forward to it if so!

  14. thank you soo much for the subbing this drama im in love with the drama…hope to see some more episodes up soon!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you so much for subbing this drama! i love it and i can’t wait for more. please continue!!! i’ll be waiting ^_^

  16. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn for us non-Thai apeakers! I really appreciate your time. I love it and can’t wait for more. Please do continue to sub when you get a chance. I’ll be waiting patiently…. =)..Keep up the great work.

  17. can you eng sub the ost from Wanalee (The Forest) for me thankkksss….!!!!!!
    Song: Wanalee (The forest)
    Singers: Bird Thongchai && Noona

    วนาสวาท-เบิร์ด หนูนา

  18. วนาสวาท-เบิร์ด หนูนา

  19. I love the song by Jaja Ruk ter tung mod kong hua jai can you please translate the song in english and give me the lyrics too. I have been trying to find the lyrics but I only found in Thai language. I will appreciate it very very much. Thank You.

  20. OMG i love the song in wanalee by bird and noona. i was wondering if you guys can write down the romanized lyrics for it b/c some of us cant read thai but would like to see the romanized lyrics 🙂

  21. i will like to ask u if u r not going to continue subbing this lakorn i will like u let me know plz

  22. just to let u know “this lakorn” i mean prai lai rak

  23. I love the lakorn, thanks for subbing…please let me know where i can find all the engsubtitle of the lakorn….tks all…..

  24. its been a long year hopefully this ia enough time for u people to complete subbing plz do upload more plzzzzzzzzzzzz or if ve some problem do inform how much more we ve to wait at least tell that so that we can wait patiently

  25. when are you finishing subbing this a lakorn?????

  26. when are you going to finish subbing this lakorn? Really would like to see this to the end

  27. Good Day! I just want to know if you will still continue to sub this lakorn?

  28. been about a month now no word from yu on if you are going to finish this project or not. Please let us know

  29. fatttyflowergurl

    hi! i really want to watch -Learm Prai Lai Rak. how do i download this lakorn with the english sub. thanks

  30. I just wanted to say thank you for picking up where you left of with Learm Prai Lai Rak I can’t wait for this to be completed….

  31. can’t waite to see unit and ..i love it drama so much,,,keep woring on ..thank you for English sub..!

  32. Hi, I am from Germany. I appreciate your hard work and were enjoying watching the drama LPLR, but unfortunately your youtube account has been deleted today, just when I was going to watch the 3rd episode. So sad! Have you uploaded it somewhere else? Or where can I find the download link, please? I”d be happy, if you could help me!

  33. Good Day! If you want you can download it from another site.

  34. Thanks jellyfish! I will try that link.

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