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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by our page.

Needless to say, we were both impressed by each other’s work. We started corresponding and soon, decided to team up. It is our first time going on a joint venture and foresee a blooming future. We are hoping the two of us together will be able to provide faster subs while still maintaining quality. Thank you for supporting us, whether it is individually or jointly.

  1. This is really cool you two. I’ll be waiting for your future projects together!

  2. Thank you PuRe! It’ll be coming soon.

  3. hello… its nice to know that ur doing subbing too… waaa… i love lakorn… hope ur goin to sub the Song Rao…Nirundon … im looking for that… its kawaii.. Ken n Janie…. tnx u… and more power…

  4. oh so sorry its” Nueng Nai Suang”… i couldn’t find eng sub of this… tnx so much again….

  5. AnoD_Chobling

    Hey leflahon, I don’t think anyone is subbing NNS. There are a lot more subbers now, so maybe someone will do it. Good luck and thanks for supporting us.

  6. i reallie enjoy both of your works and am happy to hear and see the two of you working together. I like your like moto/quote “Spreading the addiction: One Lakorn at a Time”…i’ve alreadie watched Prissana but am looking for your future works…maybe you two can put up a poll for upcoming recommendation huh…lol first comment and i’m making suggestions alreadie

  7. Hi Kashie,

    That’s a good idea about the poll thing. AnothaiDara and I are definitely taking that suggestion into consideration. I’m glad you like the motto. AnothaiDara thought it up, and I think it’s just perfect. Thank you for supporting us.

  8. oh my god..u guys have a blog..thats great..hey its me momo (cikshida@youtube)…i love prissana…

    i have so left out with thai lakorn lately.. i so need to catch up..put on more speed..been busy preparing projects for Big Bang as i will be leaving for Korea next month…

    anyway, i just wanna say YOU GUYS ROCK. ..ur like my new BFF…

    take care!!!!

  9. From the bottom of my beating heart, thank you and thank you! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work with us.

    Chobling, I’m a big Chakrit fan…can you tell? I’ve really enjoyed your work and because of you I speak Thai-glish. BB totally increased by Thai vocabulary. Two thumbs up and a wink to you my dear!

    Anothai, I’m totally in love with Clash. Your subbed songs are on my playlist. Not only can I sing along, I actually understand what I’m singing. I can’t wait to get started on your subbed dramas.

    Your virtual friend and biggest fan,

  10. AnoD_Chobling

    Hey momo!! So glad you dropped by our blog. YOU rock too! ^_^ We both appreciate your support so much.

    Good luck in Korea. Hope you have lots and lots of fun!


  11. AnoD_Chobling

    Hello brandybrightstar!

    Your compliments are so sweet. Thank you for supporting us. We’re so glad that we could help you out with your “Thai-glish”. That’s so cute!

    Feel free to drop a message by anytime. Take care.

    Your Friends,

  12. thank you so much for all your work .wish know how to help out you guys to lighten the workload

  13. Hi kim!

    Thank you for the kind gesture, but it’s enough for us that you enjoy our work. We really appreciate your heartfelt support and appreciation. Now that I’ve got my laptop back, we hope to upload new episodes soon.

    Thank you for your patience.


  14. Thanks ka!

  15. Thank you both very much. Thanks to you both I’m able to enjoy one of the best lakorns ever. A rare gem and one that will stay in my heart for a long time to come.

  16. Hi there, thanks so much for all your hard work, especially for subbing Prissana. It’s one of my all time favs. I’m just really grateful to be able to enjoy and understand it now. Also thanks for subbing the songs too, I love listening to them. Thanks again.

  17. I forgot to say happy new year. I hope both of you will have a wonder year too.

  18. wow! it’s so nice of you to share these lakorns to us non-thai people! thank you both!

  19. Hi, Just wanted to say that you two are doing a wonderful job of help us understand Thai Lakorns a whole lot better. By the way umm just wondering why Chobling site is no longer available. Keep up the excellent work.

  20. Hi, i love watching thai lakorn. I’ve totally become addicted to it. but its hard for me to watch them because im not thai and its hard to find lakorns with eng sub. I read somewhere that you guys were planning on subbing Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong. I saw some episodes without subs and it looked really interesting. I don’t know if you guys started subbing it already. If yes then can u post the site. I would really appreicate if you guys can sub this lakorn. Thanks so much.

  21. Chobling
    I’m a fan of good Asian dramas and I found the Thai and I’ve loved, I would like to have your permission to download and translate them into Spanish so that more people who do not speak or understand English to enjoy them, I hope your answer and my most sincere congratulations for their work, Maribel.

  22. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this blog and making and sharing with us English subtitles of lakorns! It’s really very kind of both of you for doing this work and giving us possibility to watch and understand these nice lakorns. Especially, I want to thank you so much for sharing soft subs, because most of the lakorns are hard to watch because of the on-line sharing and sometimes hardsubs, which need more time to do it, yes? 🙂 …soft-subs make more people all over the world to understand them, because of the local translations. Once again, thank you so much for your great job!

  23. ‘whanjai kub nai jomying’ is not completely eng subbed. can it be subbed ASAP? i can’t wait to watch that show, very much thanks.

  24. A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. And thanks for your hard work. Two thumbs up.

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